5 stabbed outside California Capitol building, police say

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Posted: 4:05 PM, June 26, 2016
Updated: 4:45 PM, June 26, 2016

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Five people have been stabbed outside the California state Capitol building in Sacramento.

Officer Matt McPhail with the Sacramento Police Department says none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

The victims were all present while a protest took place, though McPhail said it was still unclear whether and how they were involved.

The Traditionalist Workers Party had scheduled and received a permit to protest at noon Sunday in front of the Capitol. McPhail says a group of counter-protesters showed up to demonstrate against them.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has described TWP as a group formed in 2015 as the political wing of the Traditionalist Youth Network, which aims to "indoctrinate high school and college students into white nationalism."

Video of the clash shows people hitting one another with sticks.

Mass casualty incident, multiple stabbing victims at State Capitol during rally. SFD crews triaging patients now.

— SacFire PIO (@SacFirePIO) June 26, 2016

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